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Welcome to our farm Please take a look at our sales lists and featured alpacas. We welcome your inquiries and questions and would love to have you visit our farm!


Our mission is to promote Alpacas as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable livestock to own.


Silver Creek Farm focused on proof of quality, Education, and improving the genetics by raising quality Alpaca livestock for breeding, showing and fibers.

Improving genetics one year at a time

Home of Sunfire , Enduro, Diesel  and Taccoyo

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Alpacas on the News

he latest Alpacas news from around the world .....(More)

Alpacas are members of the Camelid family. The camels whit which most people are familiar are the ones whit humps.
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The first European importations of alpaca fiber were into Spain. Spain transferred that fiber to Germany and France.

What Are Accoyos?

The name "Accoyo" refers to an Alpaca that has been bred at Estancia Accoyo in Peru. In the United States we use the name "Accoyo"

The Hemiaccoyo name evolved from mixing a very famous Peruvian sire, Hemingway, with the Accoyo line. The Hemiccoyo line has continued to produce the highest quality, shine, crimp and density of fleece..........(More)